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Tupolev Tu-134UBL (NATO reporting name: Crusty-B) training aircraft - the "flying desk" of Russian long-range aviation - was created on the basis of the Tu-134 passenger airliner, well known in in the World. The first flight was made in 1981. It has been in service with the USSR Air Force since 1982, serial production has been discontinued. Serially built at the Kharkov Aircraft Plant until 1984.

Tupolev Tu-134 UBL is equipped with the surveillance radar with optoelectronic sighting and navigation equipment corresponding to the equipment of long-range bomber armaments: Tupolev Tu-22M, Tupolev Tu-160 and Tupolev Tu-95MS. The project also provided for a refueling rod in the air, however, in accordance with the Soviet-American agreements, they did not set it. Training weapons can be placed under the center section.
It is possible to install up to four multi-castle bomb racks (a typical variant for training bombing is eight PB-50-75 or PB-120 bombs), however, under international agreements, bomb racks on this aircraft are also not currently installed.

63 details, the length of the model - 28.5 cm
Unpainted, unassembled - photo of assembled and painted kit provided only for reference. Kit do not contain paints and glue.

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ZVD-7036 Zvezda 1/144 Tupolev Tu-134UBL Trainer Aircraft (crew training version for Tu-160 and Tu-22M3 bombers) model kit ... SALE ! ... DISCOUNT 10% !

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