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The Mil Mi-24V attack helicopter was developed by the MIL design Bureau in the late 1960s and adopted by the Soviet Army in 1976. It became the most popular modification of the Mil Mi-24 – about a thousand helicopters were built. In addition to bombs and missiles on the six nodes of the external suspension, the Mil Mi-24V has a rotary installation with a large - caliber 12.7-mm four-barrel Yakb-12.7 machine gun under the front cabin, where the gunner-operator of the onboard weapons is located. If you decide to use the GSH-23L 23-mm double-barrelled gun that is also available in the kit instead, you will get a modification of the Mi-24VP.

318 details, the length of the model — 44,7 cm
Unpainted, unassembled - photo of assembled and painted kit provided only for reference. Kit do not contain paints and glue.

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ZVD-4823 Zvezda 1/48 Mil Mi-24V / Mi-24VP Hind Russian Attack Helicopter model kit .... SALE ! ....... DISCOUNT 10% !

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