The Great War series. Uniforms, equipment and weapons of the Russian Imperial army, 1914-1917. Moscow, Russkie Vityazi Publ., 2015. Hardcover, high illustrated book, many rare b&w and colour photographs from the state archives and private collections, text in Russian. Large format 230x335, 416 pages.
Another book by Dmitry Klochkov from the series "Uniforms, equipment and weapons of the Russian Imperial army. 1914-1917" is dedicated to guards heavy cavalry.
Heavy cavalry was named as heavy because of the metal helmets and cuirasses, which were traditionally worn by ranks of this armed forces and were originally intended to protect from bullets, bayonets and sabers. Because of the heaviness of these things the growth and physical training of the lower ranks and horses had high requirements compared to other cavalry units. After development of rifled weapons these armors had no practical sense and became as elements of ceremonial uniforms. Elite soldiers who were serving in the guard heavy cavalry, the best officers from aristocratic families, great shape, gleaming gold breastplates and elite horses — all these were reflected in the numerous memoirs of contemporaries, and were the "visiting cards" of the capital of the Russian Empire.

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RVZ-149 Russia in the WWI. Guards heavy cavalry hardcover book

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