• RVZ-147 Old Zeughaus N 25 (1/2008). Uniforms. Awards. Weapons. Banners. Armory

The best Russian military-historical journal. The main theme - the history of the Russian and Soviet armies. The journal publishes articles by well-known authors dedicated to the uniforms, awards, weapons, flags, heraldry. The magazine is beautifully illustrated and contains a large number of drawings and photographs, many of which are published for the first time. Text in Russian. Large format 290x215, 48 pages.
Table of contents:
Colors of hussar uniforms. 1763-1775. For archival and the highest approved documents
The army of Alexander I. Forage cap infantry. Part I
The diary of A. Chicherin as a source for the history of the campaigns of 1812-1813. Part I
The exemplary drawings for Russian cavalry. 1808-1809. Part II. Cuirassier regiments
Iconographie Napoleonienne. A miniature portrait of Colonel of the 54th line regiment
Firearms training in the Navy. late of XIX – early XX century
Cadet teachers. Uniforms teachers of military educational institutions. 1882-1917. Part III
The Azerbaijan Red Army. 1920-1924
Protection of Railways of the Republic. 1923-1925. Part I
Only for one parade. The unknown form of the Soviet paratroopers.
368 pages on the "button" theme. Review of the book

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RVZ-147 Old Zeughaus N 25 (1/2008). Uniforms. Awards. Weapons. Banners. Armory

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