• RVZ-146 Old Zeughaus N 26 (2/2008). Uniforms. Awards. Weapons. Banners. Armory

The best Russian military-historical journal. The main theme - the history of the Russian and Soviet armies. The journal publishes articles by well-known authors dedicated to the uniforms, awards, weapons, flags, heraldry. The magazine is beautifully illustrated and contains a large number of drawings and photographs, many of which are published for the first time. Text in Russian. Large format 290x215, 48 pages.

Table of contents:
The uniforms of Catherine the horse Rangers
The army of Alexander I. Forage caps, infantry. Part II
The diary of A. Chicherin as a source for the history of the campaigns of 1812-1813. Part II
Battalion and regimental distinctions of the line infantry in the era of the war of 1812 (on the example of marine regiments)
Iconographie Napoleonienne. Equestrian portrait of an unknown French General. Part I
Painter in a blue tuxedo. The history of the uniform of the Academy of Arts in the nineteenth century. Part I
Firearms training in the Navy. The end of XIX – early XX century
Sailors – heroes of the "Wild" division
The Muslim units of the red Army. 1918-1922
Epaulettes for Admiral of the fleet
Partisan commemorative token 1941. Soviet Union – to Yugoslavia. 1944
11-th separate cavalry regiment

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RVZ-146 Old Zeughaus N 26 (2/2008). Uniforms. Awards. Weapons. Banners. Armory

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