Hardcover book. Collector's edition with higher quality coated paper. 352 pages, format 245 х 340 mm. Russian text, English captions. Lots of colour drawings and photos.
In the volume chronologically traces all the changes of uniforms, insignia and equipment of the Air Forces of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation from 1955 to 2004. The material is based on original archival documents, allowing to trace all the circumstances of the occurrence, existence and the abolition of the samples of uniforms used during the described period. The majority of archival documents and original drawings are entered into a scientific turn for the first time. The book is richly illustrated not only with ancient and modern illustrations, but also photographs, many of which are also published for the first time. Images of objects from museums and private collections, are complemented by colored reconstructions, made by the method of computer graphics.

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RVZ-132 Uniforms of the Russian military air fleet. Volume 2. Part 2 (1955-2004)

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