• RVZ-074 Russian Riders Spetsnaz of World War I hard cover book

The story about Russian riding special forces units in 1914-1918

248 pages, format 320x240, coated paper, a very rich illustrated, hardcover book.
This is the first monograph devoted to the interesting phenomenon of the great war - troops of special importance, carrying out sabotage work. The book contains unique materials related to the organization and activities of these groups during the 1915-1918 years. In the spotlight - history and daily life of the largest and well-known partisan of the part - mounted detachment of ataman Leonid Punin, the fame of which resounded on all fronts. It was the only formation of special purpose, which lasted until 1918, avoiding reforms of A. I. Kerensky and the dismantling in October of 1917. In the squadron served and worked many subsequently famous white partisans: Baron R. F. von Ungern-Sternberg, "Batka-ataman" S. N. Bulak-Balakhovich and his brother Yu. Bulak-Balakhovich, the famous guerrilla I. M. Stawski, hero of Poland G. A. Dombrovskii, a scout and a member of the ROVS N.A. Zuev.
The way the combat squad of Leonid Punin presented in the context of operations and the revolutionary events of the Northern front of the Russian army. The monograph is based on archival documents, is almost unknown to the wide circle of historians. Most of the photos included in the book, published for the first time.

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RVZ-074 Russian Riders Spetsnaz of World War I hard cover book

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