RVZ-002 Aviation Lend-Lease book
Hardcover. Collector's edition with higher quality coated paper. 368 pages, format 220 х 290 mm. Text in Russian. Lots of pictures, diagrams and drawings.
The book is devoted to the influence of supply aircraft equipment allies in the course of World War II and post-war development of Soviet aviation. The author managed to collect a lot of material on the transport, testing and combat use British and American planes in the Soviet Union. Author prodivdes detailed quantitative and qualitative evaluation of supplies from the chronological breakdown. Particular attention is given to the adaptation of imported vehicles to specific conditions of the Soviet-German front, their completions and alterations. An important part of the work is the section on the impact of assistance to allies in the Soviet aviation industry. The book contains a large number of pictures, diagrams and drawings from the state archives and private collections.

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RVZ-002 Aviation Lend-Lease

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