Information-Analytical Reference Book. Hard Cover, 548 pages, Format 205 x 260 mm
This book describes the military doctrine of the DPRK, the development and current state of the Korean people's army and other security components of the state machine of the country on the background of the overall picture of the state of its society and economy. Attracting a large volume of factual, including for the first time introduced into wide circulation of information and illustrative material makes the study particularly valuable. Each section of the Handbook, including visual information (hundreds of illustrations, including published for the first time), as well as dozens of informational tables, is quite self-sufficient in nature and can be used to study a variety of topics related to the history and present of the armed forces of North Korea. The edition is illustrated with photographs and drawings, including schematics of ships and auxiliary vessels of the Navy of North Korea. The book contains: 90 drawings of ships and vessels; 5 maps of strategic sites; 99 reference tables. Hundreds of photos and drawings of the flags, emblems, uniforms, insignia, awards, satellite images of military bases, virtually all types of military equipment and weapons from missiles to gas masks.
All that someone wanted to know about the North Korean army, air force and Navy, and with a huge number of illustrations. The tables of uniforms and insignia, miscellaneous symbols, weapons - from pistols-machine guns-machine guns-grenade launchers-flame throwers and hand grenades to protective kits and all sorts of radars, radios, etc., scheme of military ships, including a little-known boats for special operations and midget submarines, airplanes, helicopters (DPRK have even the American helicopters at service!), drones, armored vehicles, missiles of all types - from unguided and anti-tank to anti-aircraft, ballistic (including submarines) and cruise anti-ship, car, engineering vehicles etc. Moreover, the characteristics of the entire economy. There is even satellite pictures of airfields and naval bases with rajyashree that there was in the frame, also provides the latest information on the armed forces of South Korea and the us army on its territory.


1. General Geographical characteristics of North Korea
2. Demographic and ethnographic characteristics of North Korea
3. Historical background
4. The political system of the DPRK and the features of social life
5. State symbols of the DPRK
6. General characteristics of the North Korean economy
7. North Korea's Military-industrial complex
8. North Korea's Nuclear program
9. Development and production of chemical and biological weapons in North Korea
10. North Korea's Rocket and space program
11. Transport and transport infrastructure of North Korea
12. Telecommunications In North Korea
13. Military-historical review
14. North Korean military doctrine
15. Supreme military administration Bodies and the composition of the armed forces of North Korea
16. The system of recruitment and the armed forces of North Korea
17. Training of North Korean military personnel
18. Military ranks and uniforms of the Korean people's army
19. North Korea's Missile (strategic missile) forces
20. The ground forces of the Korean people's army: an overview (combat strength, weapons, and organization)
21. Operational and strategic echeloning of the ground forces of the Korean people's army
22. Air force of the Korean people's army: an overview (combat strength, weapons, organization and deployment)
23. Combat capabilities of North Korea's military aviation
24. the North Korean Navy: General overview (combat personnel, weapons, organization and deployment)
25. Combat capabilities of the North Korean Navy
26. Special operations forces of the Korean people's army
27. internal security Systems and border troops of North Korea
28. North Korea's Foreign intelligence service



Appendix 1. Combat equipment and weapons of the Korean people's army (information and reference tables)

Table 1. Pistols
Table 2. Submachine guns
Table 3. Rifles and carbines
Table 4. Machine guns and automatic rifles
Table 5. Machine Guns
Table 6. Anti-personnel grenade launchers
Table 7. Flamethrowers
Table 8. Hand grenades
Table 9. Anti-tank grenade launchers
Table 10. Recoilless guns
Table 11. Antitank gun
Table 12. Anti-tank self-propelled artillery installations and self-propelled artillery installations for infantry fire support
Table 13. Anti-tank missile systems
Table 14. Self-propelled launcher anti-tank missile systems
Table 15. Towed field and coastal artillery
Table 16. self-Propelled field and coastal artillery
Table 17. Mortars
Table 18. Reactive systems of volley fire
Table 19. Ballistic missiles (combat and launch vehicles)
Table 20. anti-Aircraft machine-gun installations
Table 21. Anti-aircraft artillery
Table 22. Anti-aircraft self-propelled
Table 23. Portable air defense systems
Table 24. self-Propelled low-altitude short-range anti-aircraft missile systems of military air defense
Table 25. anti-Aircraft missile systems of object air defense
Table 26. Light tanks
Table.27. Medium and main battle tanks
Table 28. Heavy tank
Table 29. Armored combat vehicles
Table 30. Army vehicles
Table 31. Crawler tractors and transporters
Table 32. Motorcycles
Table 33. Engineering mines
Table.34. Military engineering equipment
Table 35. Field communications
Table 36. Electronic weapons for air defense and ground forces
Table 37. Chemical weapons and radiation, chemical and biological protection equipment
Table 38. Strike aircraft
Table 39. Light tanks
Table 40. Training and combat training aircraft
Table 41. Military transport and auxiliary aviation
Table 42. Helicopters
Table 43. Unmanned aircraft
Table 44. aviation small arms and cannons

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