Hardcover. 224 pages, format 260x200 mm. Text in Russian. High illustrated edition, many photos, pictures, schemes.
Mikoyan MiG-23 for a good quarter of a century has become the most recognizable Soviet tactical combat aircraft and a real "hallmark" of its generation. The aircraft embodied the most advanced solutions, from the latest materials and technology to specially created equipment and weapons.
In addition to high performance, the MiG-23 combines versatility multi-purpose machine, being able to perform tasks of the interceptor and strike aircraft for use against ground targets. Honored the plane was on the protection of the sky of the homeland, manifested itself in many military conflicts, was beloved in the army and gained fame as a good and reliable machine. Widely exported and served in two dozen countries around the world. The fighter was not deprived of the attention of the press and television, being the indispensable hero of news stories about the everyday life of Soviet aviation. However, his path to success was very difficult, and the introduction of the aircraft into operation was accompanied by lot of challenges, sometimes seemingly insurmountable, and which threatened the complete demise of the entire project.
The book tells about the history and perfection of a fighter, full of events and clashes of opinions, the struggle of ideas and the participation of the first persons of the state, by its content is not inferior to the stories of the adventurous novels.

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OTH-654 Mikoyan MiG-23 Flogger Russian Jet Fighter Story Hard Cover book

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