Encyclopedia Of Russian Army series. Hardcover, 464 pages, format 200 x 265, photographs, pictures, schemes, text in Russian, English captions
by Monetchikov S.B.
Having passed a long evolution, revolvers and pistols have become one of the most popular types of personal weapon of attack and defend. They have firmly won their place both in the Russian Army and law-enforcement agencies, and as the so-called non-military weapon. Combat use of revolvers and pistols has defined their role as an aid in the defeat of the enemy at short distances and fast flowing hand-to-hand fights.
The author based both on the study of the weapon and a wide range of domestic and foreign sources, including little-known archival materials of the USSR Ministry of Defense and the USSR Ministry of Defense Industry, and tried to explain the history of creation and development of domestic revolvers and pistols from 1870 to 2012, adopted by the Soviet/ Russian army, as well as special services and law-enforcement agencies. The author describes in detail the creation and development of more than 50 models of domestic revolvers and pistols and cartridges for them, he also showed improvements and changes that were introduced in the weapon in an organic relationship with the development of its production and the change in the tactical forms of using small arms in the battle.
This book is not only about Russian revolvers and pistols, but also about their creators. Today, the desire to remind his contemporaries of the outstanding merits of domestic gunsmiths is a highly relevant and worthy task, fully performed by the author.
Table of contents
Chapter 1. The origin of the new weapons
Chapter 2. From pistol to revolver
Chapter 3. Smith & Wesson Russian revolvers
Chapter 4. Nagant revolver of 1895
Nagant revolvers in the Russian Imperial army and convoy guard of the Ministry of Justice
Nagant revolvers in the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army and Internal Troops of the OGPU/ NKVD of the USSR
Post-war history of Nagant revolvers
Marking of Nagant revolvers
Chapter 5. Maturity. Modern revolvers
Stechkin-Avraamov revolver (SAR) OTs-01 "Cobalt"
Revolver AEK-906 "Rhinoceros" ("Nosorog")
Revolver R-92
Special revolver U-94 "Strike" ("Udar")
Special revolver RG 053 "Strike" ("Udar")
Heavy-caliber revolver OTs-20 "Gnome" ("Gnom")
Heavy-caliber revolver DOG-1
Chapter 6. Foreign pistols in service in the Russian Imperial/ Red Army and in the law-enforcement agencies of the Russian Empire/ Soviet Union
Self-loading pistol FN Browning M1900 (Browning № 1)
Self-loading pistol FN Browning M1903 (Browning № 2)
Self-loading pistol Colt "Government model" M1911/ M1911A1
Self-loading pistol Mauser C96
Self-loading pistol Mauser M1914/34
Self-loading pistol "Astra" M300
Automatic pistol "Astra" M902
Self-loading pistol Walther "Polizeipistole" (PP)
Chapter 7. Korovin pistol (TK)
Chapter 8. Tokarev pistol (TT)
Chapter 9. Makarov pistol (PM)
Chapter 10. Stechkin automatic pistol (APS)
Chapter 11. Small self-loading pistol (PSM)
Chapter 12. Beginning of works on the pistol "Grach"
Chapter 13. Serdyukov pistol SR1
Chapter 14. Confrontation. Tula residents against Izhevsk residents
Chapter 15. Tula trio – pistols "Dart", "Berdysh", and "Pernach"
Automatic pistol OTs-23 "Dart"
Self-loading pistol PSA OTs-27 "Berdysh"
Automatic pistol OTs-33 "Pernach"
Chapter 16. Silent short arms
Silent pistol PB
Automatic silent pistol (APB)
Shooting silent systems
Special pistol S4/ S4M
Small special pistol MSP "Thunderstorm" ("Groza")
Special self-loading pistol PSS/ PSS-2
Special scout knife NRS/ NRS-2
Chapter 17. Special underwater guns
Chapter 18. Pistol TP-82 – small arms of portable emergency (SONAZ)
Chapter 19. Non-military self-defense pistols
Sports-training self-loading pistol TMA-K "Margot" and its modifications
Small self-loading pistol MR-435
Small double-barreled pistol MR-451
Tubeless pistol MR-461 "Guardian" ("Strazhnik")
Small self-loading pistol OTs-21 "Little Boy" ("Malish")
Small self-loading pistol OTs-26
Self-loading pistol P-96M
Self-loading pistol P-96S
Chapter 20. Small arms cartridges
Classification of cartridges
Marking of small arms cartridges
Identification of cartridges
5,45x18 pistol cartridge MPTs
6,35x15,5 SR pistol cartridge TK
7,62x38 R revolver cartridge
7,62x25 pistol cartridge of 1930
9x18 PM pistol cartridge
9x18 PMM pistol cartridge
9x19 pistol cartridges
9x21 pistol cartridges
Special cartridges
7,62x35 special cartridge SP2
7,62x62 special cartridges PZ; PZA; PZAM
7,62x38 special cartridge SP3
7,62h42 special cartridge SP4
4,5x40R special underwater cartridge SPS
Sources and literature

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