Encyclopedia Of Russian Army series. Hardcover, 336 pages, format 205 x 260, photographs, pictures, schemes, text in Russian.
The book covers the history of the life cycle of one of the most controversially evaluated models of domestic individual small arms, i.e. Tokarev self-loading rifle.
The history of Tokarev rifle was considered, taking into account the complex of technical, economic and military-political factors, which affected the basic stages of its development, production and combat service. Archival materials and photographic documents, as well as reports of the GAU facility, much of the details of which were published for the first time, was the main source of information while working on the book. The book contains the description of the design and the images of Tokarev rifles and their elements, including prototypes, and is equipped with a large number of graphs, charts, diagrams and other graphic materials.
The author of the book is the Candidate of Technical Sciences Chumak Ruslan Nikolaevich.
The Head of Funds of Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps.
After completing his studies at the Penza Artillery Engineering College, he served in the Armed Forces of Russia for more than twenty years.
He served in the units of the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate and he was a teacher in the Tula Artillery Engineering Institute.
He has the rank of colonel.
After the transfer to the reserve, he worked in TsKIB SOO (Tula) as a design engineer in a design St. Petersburg office.
He is a special correspondent for the magazine “Kalashnikov. Weapons, ammunition and equipment“, the author of the book “Russian 7,62 mm rifle cartridge. History and evolution”  and a large number of journal articles.
Table of contents
Author's note - 4
Introduction - 5
Chapter 1. History of the development of Tokarev rifle and its further improvement - 11
Chapter 2. Prototypes of Tokarev self-loading and automatic rifles and carbines - 63
Chapter 3. Designs of serial Tokarev self-loading and automatic rifles - 123
Chapter 4. Analysis of the structure of Tokarev rifle and its comparison with the analogue models - 175
Chapter 5. Tokarev rifles in the Red Army - 207
Chapter 6. Manufacture of Tokarev rifles - 221
Chapter 7. Operation of Tokarev rifles in the Red Army -241
Chapter 8. Use of Tokarev rifles in foreign armies - 269
Chapter 9. Marking of Tokarev rifles - 283
Conclusion - 306
Annex A. Design and build of a rifle SVT-40 - 310
Annex B. Parameters of moving parts of automatic rifles and machine guns - 316
Annex C. Main specifications of regular rifles of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army - 317
Annex D. Operational and numerical strength of the rifle divisions of the PSB covering armies for June 22, 1941 - 318
Annex E. Information about the number of Tokarev rifles, produced by Mednogorsk weapons factory № 314 (1941-1945) - 319
Annex F. Dynamics of production of Tokarev rifles according to arms plants and nomenclatures (1939-1944) - 320
Annex G. Firing table for SVT model of 1940 - 322
Annex H. Type and value of marks on Tokarev rifle parts, made at different factories - 323
Annex I. Tokarev rifle image in the visual arts - 326
Name index - 327
References - 328
Abbreviations -332

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