Small Arms series. Hardcover, 304 pages, format 264 x 204 x 25 мм, photographs, pictures, schemes, text in Russian.
The most complete encyclopedia of the guns of the Russian Imperial army of the late 19th and early 20th centuries - from the first 'buckshot' and 'rapid-fire' guns, proven by Russian troops in the Balkans, Central Asia and China, to the Russian-Japanese, the Great War (First World War) and the Russian Civil war. All of the great weapons of the revolution, forever changed the military and ushered in an era of automatic weapons.
'Kings of the battlefield' - machine guns earned this title on the fronts of the First World War, where they were massively used, not only by infantry but also by aircraft, air defense, Navy, armored cars, armored trains, tanks. Tachanka with a machine-gun became one of the main symbols of the Civil war in Russia.
In this book you will find comprehensive information about all the machine guns of the Russian army - not only domestic but also imported from abroad and captured as trophy. The book provides information about easel machine guns ('Maxim', 'Vickers', 'Colt', 'Charcase', MG.08) and manual machine guns ('Lewis', 'Madsen', 'Hotchkiss', 'Shosha', Hand gun - machine gun of Fedorov), their design, manufacturing, procurement and characteristics of combat use.
The table of contents
Preface to the second edition
The background
First 'buckshot' guns in the russian army
Invented of Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim
Familiarity and testing
The machine guns are entering the service
Machine guns in the Russo-Japanese war
During the first Russian revolution
The Russian Maxim machine gun
Maxim machine gun version of 1910
Program and production
Training of machine gunners
Light machine gun
The cartridges
Machine guns of the Russian army
New demand in 1914-1917
Again about light machine gun
Manufacture and supply of machine guns
The purchase of machine guns abroad
The installation of machine guns
Equipment of machine gun regiments
Deliveries to the troops
The formation of the machine gun teams
About the training of machine gun teams
Combat using of machine guns
The actions of the gunners in the battle
'Madsen' again, or about the new machine gun plant
Projects and proposals
Guns on wheels
At the 'air defence' service
Machine guns on Russian aircraft
Guns-machine guns in the russian army
Again - on the 'domestic front'
The production of machine guns in 1918-1920.
Machine guns in the civil war
Guarding the rearguard
Machine-guned tachanka and other mobile machine guns
'Handheld light-machine-gun' of Fedorov or Fedorov Avtomat
The experience of the Russian army
The description of design of machine guns and their installations
The list of sources

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OTH-620 All Machine Guns of Imperial Russian Army. The Kings of the Battlefield hardcover book

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