Hardcover. Collector's edition. 144 pages, format 205 x 260 mm. Text in Russian. Photos, pictures.
The Story of the World's First Intercontinental Ballistic Missile: R-7 'Semyorka' ('The Seven') and its Family . R-7, R-7A (8K71 / SS-6 Sapwood), Sputnik, Luna, Molniya, Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz.
First Intercontinental missile in the world. The first artificial Earth satellite. The first man in space. First soft landing on the moon. The Birth Of The Strategic Rocket Forces. All these triumphs of the Soviet Union obliged the LEGENDARY "SEVEN" – "long range missiles" R-7, developed under the leadership of S. P. Korolev. The head of NASA called it "the most reliable spaceship in the world" – 1800 launches of carrier rockets on the basis of "sevens" 97% successful. In the new book by the leading historian of the space you will find comprehensive information about this great masterpiece of Soviet geniuses, about the taming of fire and the rapid takeoff of the space superpowers.

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OTH-614 R-7. The Semyorka. Soviet Ballistic Missile of Korolev and Gagarin hardcover book

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