Hardcover. 160 pages, format 205 x 260 mm. Text in Russian. Color and b&w photos, pictures, schemes.
The mass production of the T-64 started in 1963-1964. This tank is in service for 50 years, breaking all records of longevity and became the ancestor of the family of main battle tanks and the pioneer in the development of revolutionary concepts and technologies. It is the T-64 first run all new tank's features, which are then implemented on the T-72 and T-80: combined armor, mechanized loading cannon, capable of firing anti-tank guided missile through the barrel of regular guns, compact transmission, etc.
T-64 did not participate in the fighting the Soviet Army, served in the armed forces of other countries of the Warsaw Pact and was not offered for export, but not because of its capricious and unreliable, as some experts say, but because it was classified and delivered only to elite tank units of the USSR. So the baptism of fire took the tank after the Soviet Union collapsed. That T-64 captured from the 14th Army during the conflict in Transnistria, helped stop Moldovan army at Bender and made it to retreat. These tanks are fighting actively these days in the South-East of Ukraine from both sides.

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OTH-609 T-64 Soviet Main Battle Tank Story. 50 Years in Service book

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