Lisunov Li-2 Soviet WW2 Military Transport Aircraft, Long-Range Bomber and Paratroop Transport story hard cover book by Mikhail Maslov author, EKSMO Publ., 2015. Collector's edition with higher quality coated paper. Text in Russian. Photos, pictures.
On this legendary aircraft on May 9, 1945 the Victory Banner and the Act of capitulation of Germany were delivered to Moscow.
This masterpiece plane was produced in the USSR by the American licenses and was nicknamed as "Duglas", it was one of the most versatile and useful aircraft of the Great Patriotic War.
Originally purchased for the Civil Air Fleet, during the war Li-2 was widely used not only as a military freighter (on all respects surpassing German Ju.52), but also as a night bomber and landing paratroopers, as tow-plane of gliders and entire trains of gliders, and as an air sweeper, and for getting behind the front line of subversive groups, and to supply the guerrilla units in the rear of the enemy.
An inexpensive, unpretentious and reliable (no wonder it was called "Eternal Duglas"), Li-2 was virtually omnipresent - these aircraft at low level broke through in blockaded Leningrad and besieged Sevastopol, bombed Konigsberg, Helsinki and Budapest, landed paratroopers at the Port Arthur, Harbin and Mukden (where the Last Emperor Pu Yi was captured), participated in the Korean and Vietnam wars, in the suppression of the Hungarian revolt and in early nuclear tests (samples were taken not only from the radioactive cloud, but even from the "legs" and "skirt" of atomic explosion).
A new book by a leading historian of aviation M.Maslov you will find complete information about this famous plane - its purchase, development, production, modernization, long service and combat use.

Table of contents:
Lucky "Douglas"
"Li-2" - the soviet "Douglas". Purchase.
Admission and the start of production at the Aircraft Factory number 84.
Start of operation and practical use.
Participation in the war of 1941-1945.
Transport and landing operations.
Aircraft Factory №84. The emergence of "Li-2".
The long-range aircraft.
"Douglas C-47".
After the war.
Use in the postwar period.
End of service.
Technical description.

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