All combat gliders of the Third Reich, Italy and Japan.
Hardcover. Collector's edition with highest quality coated paper. 112 pages, large format 205 x 260 mm. Text in Russian. Many photos and pictures.
Stalin's USSR was ahead of the whole world in the creation of Airborne - however, the superiority in the combat use of airborne forces, of course, belongs to Nazi Germany. A brilliant operation of German paratroopers to capture the Belgian Fort of Eben-Emal in the May of 1940 was the impetus for the formation of airmobile forces of the Allies. The legendary Cretan descent has entered into all textbooks of military art. And the release from captivity of Mussolini is considered one of the most successful operations in history. And in all these victories of the Reich, the decisive role was played by military gliders.
In the new book by the leading Russian specialist, you will find information about all Segelflugzeug of Hitler - from light to extra-heavy Ju-322 "Mammut" and the Me-321 "Gigant", able to take on Board medium tank, assault gun, the 88 mm anti-aircraft gun or the 200 troopers in full armor, from the classic DFS-230 to the glider-interceptor BV-40, - and also assault and transport gliders of Hitler's allies, Italy and Japan, including about "flying tank" Ku-6 and special assault glider-kamikaze Shinryu-1 ("Divine dragon").

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OTH-530 Airborne operations of Luftwaffe hardcover book

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