OTH-477 Soviet Aces of Korean War. 1st edition, 2010 book (by Igor Seydov). Hard Cover book. Collector's edition with higher quality coated paper. 466 pages, format 175 x 230 mm. Text in Russian. Photos, pictures, color profiles and schemes.

This book is the first Russian academic publication in which the disclosure of the theme of the air battles of the Korean war of 1950-1953 is based not on the traditional analysis of Western publications, but on recently discovered Soviet archival sources and testimonies of participants in the events described. The Korean war marked an era of large-scale combat use of jet aircraft. Soviet fighter pilots who defended the Suphun hydroelectric power station complexes, bridges,and transport communications between the Yalu And Ansiu rivers met in deadly battles with pilots of the multinational UN forces, mostly American. In these battles, the "Stalin falcons" on hastily mastered new domestic MiG-15 fighters opposed the pride of the US air force-flying "super fortresses" B-29 and f-86 "sabre" fighters. The" generally accepted " results and assessments of this confrontation, generated by Western historians against the background of many years of silence on the Soviet side, are argumentatively refuted by this book. It is clearly shown that in air battles with a numerically superior enemy, Soviet pilots surpassed him both in the final number of victories and in the level of combat training : only "official" aces who shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft, there are 56 people (against 41 for the Americans). This book is about them. The author for many years scrupulously collected materials about Soviet pilots who fought in the skies of Korea, corresponded with participants in these events. The book covers the course of combat operations in the air, shows the number and composition of the Soviet aviation group at various times. Information about the combat loss of American aces and top commanders of the US air force from the fire of Soviet pilots is presented. The main advantage of the book is a detailed description of air victories using both Soviet sources and data from the opposing side. For the first time, all Soviet aces present detailed biographical information and a large number of rare photos obtained from the participants of the war in Korea or their relatives. The uniqueness of the book is complemented by numerous illustrations, including, in particular, reconstructions of the machines of not only the Soviet aces themselves, but also their direct "counterparts" in air battles. Such a "link" eloquently indicates that "many of the well-known photos and drawings of American aces' cars in the press are, in fact, their "posthumous portraits". Stickers-posters of cars of Heroes of the Soviet Union E. G. Pepelyaev, S. M. Kramarenko and D. A. Samoylov are signed with their personal comments. Thus, this book contributes to the restoration of historical justice in relation to the Soviet pilots in the most visual form.

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OTH-477 Soviet Aces of Korean War hardcover book

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