OTH-456 Borodino-Class Battleships of Imperial Russian Navy. Heroes of the Battle of Tsushima. Hardcover book. Story of Imperator Alexander III, Knyaz Suvorov, Borodino, Oryol, Slava Battleships of Imperial Russian Navy. Large format 205 x 260 mm. High illustrated publication, lots of excellent quality and unique photos, scheme, colour pictures. 208 pages, text in Russian, 140 b&w photos, detailed pictures, for colour profiles, 52 pages of plans. Eksmo Publ., 2012.

'Leading a squadron, she already had a strong roll and was ablaze too - burning bridges, flames burst from the gun poliporto playing the crimson reflection on the water. Then, without leaving the formation, he fell to starboard, making a last volley of twelve inch tower...' - participants in the battle of Tsushima remembered the sinking of the battleship 'Borodino'.
In this battle of Tsushima three of the four battleships of this type that form the core of the Russian squadron were sank. 'Knyaz Suvorov' and 'Emperor Alexander III' sank with all crew, and only one sailor was saved from the 'Borodino' battleship.
Historians still argue about the causes of the tragedy - the American experts have declared the construction of these battleships 'the most unfortunate ever built' (high centre of gravity with multiple combat injuries resulted in loss of stability and capsizing), Russian experts, on the contrary, find their most advanced battleships of the era, explaining the roll-over as errors shipbuilders, and an unacceptable overload, while lower armor belt completely disappeared under the water.
Despite this, all four of the battleship withstood a huge amount of hits (so, the 'Borodino' was struck by over a hundred enemy shells, and 12 shells were of 305 mm gauge) - once under fire alike this any of Japanese or British battleships would be sank much earlier.
Exceptional survivability was demonstrated by the fifth ship of the series - the legendary 'Slava', which in 1917 successfully fought against powerful German dreadnoughts and left afloat under unimaginable for other battleships hail of 12-inch giants shells ('suitcases' as this huge shells were called)...
This book pays tribute to famous battleships, providing comprehensive information about all the ships of 'Borodino' class - their creation, service and combat use.
The collector's edition on highest quality paper exclusively illustrated with hundreds of drawings and photos.

The content
Concept and design
"Borodino" battleship in the New Admiralty
"Borodino" and "Orel" battleships on the Neva
The battleships of the Baltic plant
The design of battleships of Borodino class
"Emperor Alexander III" battleship is being tested
"Borodino" battleship is preparing for a campaign
"Prince Suvorov" and "Orel" operational
The campaign to the Far East
In the battle of Tsushima
"Slava" and "Tsesarevich" battleships in the Baltic fleet
Comparing with contemporaries

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OTH-456 Borodino-Class Battleships of Imperial Russian Navy hardcover book

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