Hardcover. A4-format, 176 pages, 200 photos and diagrams, text in English. 2017.
Book contains all available data on the usage of Russian weapons and military equipment in the Syrian conflict organized and carefully analyzed.
The book is recommended to defense and civil analysts, experts, specialists in the area of defense production marketing, journalists and to those who take a keen interest in weapons and their usage in the local wars and conflicts.

Table of contents:
Address to the readers
Russian Weapons in Syrian Conflict
Chapter 1
Common tendencies on global arms market in 2011 - 2015
Chapter 2. Russian Aerospace Forces in the Syria conflict
2.1. Su-34 frontline bombers
2.2. Su-24M and Su-24M2 frontline bombers
2.3. Su-25SM and Su-25UBM ground attack aircraft
2.4. Su-30SM multirole fighters
2.5. Su-35S mult1role fighters
2.6. Il-20M and Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft
2.7. Long-Range Aviation aircraft
2.8. Military Transport Aviation aircraft
2.9. Aircraft weapons
2.10. Combat helicopters of the Russian VKS group in Syria
2.11. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Chapter 3. Russian military ground equipment in the Syrian operation
3.1 Artillery and MLRS
3.2 Armor
3.3 Air defense systems
3.4 Russian demining engineers in the Palmira operation
Chapter 4. Russian Navy in the Syrian operation
Chapter 5. Foreign Experts on Russian Weapons Used in Syria
Chapter 6.Estimation of the global arms market following the use of Russian weapons in Syria
List of Acronyms

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OBK-096 Russian Weapons in Syrian Conflict (in English) hardcover book

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